Mfg apps 101

Manufacturing Software 101

Image: Coors Brewery, Golden Colorado, by David Fulmer, CC license The job of manufacturing software in the modern economy is to keep track of production formulas, in terms of quantities and cost, enable production scheduling, calculate and report on efficiency measurements like machine utilization and percentage of wasted materials, and in some cases measure cost of […]


An Intro to Analytics Vendors

Image by David Bleasdale, CC license Analytics is one of the top buzzwords in business software today. Analytics software is often marketed as a tool for business intelligence, data mining or insights. It’s the crystal ball software: tell me things I don’t already know, and show me ah-hahs or other exciting revelations that, if acted […]

finance 101

Business Software for Finance 101

Image by reynermedia, CC license Finance and accounting functions were among the first to be automated through software. The sheer volume of numbers and calculations, reporting requirements, tax filings and payroll mechanics, plus the fact that nearly every business has to engage in these activities, made the area perfect for software. When just these basic […]


Apps for CRM and Sales Management 101

Image by Mike Mozart, CC license Customer relationship management (CRM) and sales management are two fast-growing areas for software, with new applications frequently coming on the market as companies seek to know everything about their customers — what selling strategies work, which promotions produce the most sales lift, and how profitable their customers are. Companies […]

Steep Climb

Scope Can Determine Success or Failure

Image: Island Peak, Nepal, by McKay Savage, CC license “Scope,” or “footprint” in software terms refers to the number of business processes that an application will “cover,” or enable.  The scope of an accounting system is usually: general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, P&L and balance sheet. The scope has to fit the […]


The FDA is Here. Can You Find Your Stuff?

Image: Al Drago/CQ Roll Call Via AP/Associated Press The FDA has appeared at one of your plants and would like to see your records showing how much of which products were manufactured using a particular lot of raw material, where those products were shipped, and to which customers they were sold. (Hint: you’re supposed to […]

software logos

A Confusing Market for Enterprise Software

Image by It’s getting harder to determine which software vendors have what capabilities. This is because: The number of technology startups has increased; Big software companies have been acquiring other firms to increase the breadth of their capabilities; Established firms are rapidly making changes to their suite of applications – adding capabilities so quickly […]

Finance District

ERP 101: Finance Benefits

Image: Singapore Finance District, by Joan Campderros-i-Canas, CC license “Financials” is a term used by software vendors and others that normally includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, balance sheet and P&L. There can be extensions of this definition to include such areas as payroll, treasury (bank account inflows and outflows), and tax management. In an ERP […]

one minute

The One Minute Technology Manager – Test the Assumptions

Image by Nicolas Will, CC license Behind every idea is a set of assumptions.  These assumptions can be exposed by simply by asking “why”? When it comes to good technology management, it’s your job to test these assumptions, to kill the losing propositions or to make them more viable as sound investments.  Sometimes these assumptions […]


Simple and Easy Digital Commerce

Image by Joel Bez, CC license Digital commerce isn’t just about selling your goods on the internet; it’s also about digitizing the whole flow of information in your company. Loads of activities within your enterprise can benefit from simple digital technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Writing about OCR is right up there with […]