Supply Chains Have to Walk Before They Run

Data processing, 1959. Image by James Vaughan, CC license If you search “technologies for supply chain evolution” you will get 17.8 million results, many of which will mention IoT, robots, driverless vehicles, mobile technology, predictive analytics, network optimization software, and 3-D printing. The presumption is that industry will want these solutions because of the coming […]

post office

Process Automation Hard to Achieve With Software Changes

There’s the human factor to consider.  Photo: Workers at the Jamaica Plain Post Office, 71 Green Street, Boston, 1920.  Boston Public Library, CC license Have you ever spent, say, half a million dollars and nine months of effort with new software or changes to existing systems for purposes of automating processes, only to discover that afterwards […]


Why Order Checks Don’t Belong in Your ERP System

If you visit OmPrompt in the UK you can stay in the nearby dreamy, historic, and beautiful town of Oxford. Photo by Tejvan Pettinger, CC license. What if you want to make sure all of the data on a customer’s order is correct before it is processed in your systems?  Or if you want to […]