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Packaged Software 101

Maybe software should be packaged like this?  Photo: Tetra Pak Package Portfolio, by Tetra Pak, CC license A “packaged application” is software already built, coded, tested, used by other enterprises in your industry, and hopefully a solution that will meet most of your needs.  In general I recommend using packaged applications (why re-invent something?) But […]

Att Def

Attention Deficit and the Enterprise Software Project

Never mind how many people you can get to work on your enterprise software project team. The critical factor today is how much of their focused attention you can get when you need it. Quoting columnist and Guinness record holder for Highest IQ Marilyn vos Savant, “Working in an office with an array of electronic […]


Have a Methodology – But Only One That Makes Sense to You

Who needs a methodology?  Just do it.  Photo: Spring 2013 Hackathon at Columbia University, where participants were challenged to build — over a weekend —  software programs for New York City startups; by Matylda Czarnecka,, CC license. You’re about to launch a big ERP project. You need a structured methodology.  The lazy/easy thing to […]


Tell Me Again Why I Should Care About Hyperscale Computing?

Photo: “Trails in the Sand,” Dubai, by Kamal Kestell, CC license If “Humanscale” computing is managing bags of sand, “Hyperscale” computing is managing each individual grain of sand in every bag. “Hyperscale” computing (HC) is the processing of data, messages or transactions on a scale orders of magnitude larger than traditional computing.  HC is becoming […]

Corporate Casual Not Good Enough for Serious IT Projects

Think of the typical meeting in your enterprise: people come in late, sometimes talking on a phone or otherwise distracted, and 10 or 15 minutes are spent getting into the real content of the meeting. Maybe someone asks what the meeting is about. The person who set up the meeting speaks up and may (or […]