Supply Chains Have to Walk Before They Run

Data processing, 1959. Image by James Vaughan, CC license If you search “technologies for supply chain evolution” you will get 17.8 million results, many of which will mention IoT, robots, driverless vehicles, mobile technology, predictive analytics, network optimization software, and 3-D printing. The presumption is that industry will want these solutions because of the coming […]

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App to App Integration 101

Image: Diagram of the control panel in the cockpit of Apollo 13’s Lunar Module Aquarius, which circled the moon in April 1970, by Steve Jurvetson. CC license. Nearly all new applications you add to your enterprise will need some level of connectivity to your existing systems, as well as to systems outside your enterprise, and […]

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What Causes EDI Failures? Data.

Image: r2hox; data.path Ryoji.Ikeda – 4 EDI has been for many years the work-horse for any sizable company that wants to efficiently conduct business with its trading partners (suppliers and customers).  But EDI has one annoying tendency: message failures; that is, a message (purchase order, invoice) that failed to reach its intended receiver.  No message, no […]

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What is Omnichannel and Why Should I Care?

The social network is (one of) your sales channels.  Map of Facebook connections; by Michael Coghlan, CC license “Omnichannel” commerce describes the (new) reality of being able (are you able?) to sell and deliver your goods and services to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  Not just sell, but carry the selling experience to the consumer in your […]