Don’t See a Need for Mobile in Your Business? Keep Looking.

Talk about disruption!  An anti-Uber taxi protest in London, June 11, 2014.  Photo by David Holt, CC license. Does anyone think Uber would exist without mobile computing? You might think of mobile as providing convenience, which it does, but there are deeper and more significant advantages of having mobile as an asset in parts of […]


Is the Smartphone Ready for Your ERP System?

Photo by Blake Patterson, CC license. See those app icons on your iPhone? Don’t you think it makes sense to put corporate apps on an iPhone too? Yes, as long as the interface is easy and you don’t have to type a lot on your tiny glass screen. Enterprise apps are going there, and that […]

Elliott Computer

Are Your Apps Too Hard to Use?

Photo: control panel of a British-made Elliott computer, circa 1960, Creative Commons license. You’ve heard the complaints: systems are too clunky, slow, have too many steps, take too long to execute transactions. The dialogue plays out probably hundreds of times a day in offices throughout the world: users complain about to-hard-to-use systems and their IT […]