Hong Kong Shopping

Demand Signal Applications: the Basics

The Landmark Shopping Mall in Hong Kong.  Photo by See-ming Lee, CC license. It’s now possible to string together data points collected from the shelf (POS) and upstream from there (your supply chain) to optimize your sourcing, production and distribution decisions.  Application vendors are calling this Demand Signal Management (DSM).  It’s not new; the same […]


Packaged Applications 101

Photo by Official GDC A packaged application is not ready-to-use, in any sense of the word. The word “packaged” is kind of a misnomer. You won’t find a warehouse management system in a shrink-wrapped box on the shelf at Best Buy. A packaged application is simply one whose features and functions match in general terms […]


Software Choices Are More Confusing Today

Image: all of the two- and four-door model cars offered by Dodge in 1974 (excludes station wagons), by John Lloyd, CC license. It used to be that if you wanted a certain type of software application, you would identify the 2 or 3 companies that specialized in what you needed. That specialization still exists today, […]

The Self-Perpetuating Software Market

You need to understand the way software firms, consultants and advisory services interact with one another. In the process of thoroughly confusing yourself trying to scan the software market for something resembling a solution to your problem, you will at some point realize that there aren’t many places to go for an objective appraisal of […]