data center

Big Data 101

Image: “Data Center.” by Stan Wlechers, CC license So what is Big Data, particularly Big Data analytics? Why all the hype? Big Data is what it implies: tons of data. We’re talking millions or billions of rows here – way too much for standard query tools accessing data on a disk. What would constitute “tons” […]


Tell Me Again Why I Should Care About Hyperscale Computing?

Photo: “Trails in the Sand,” Dubai, by Kamal Kestell, CC license If “Humanscale” computing is managing bags of sand, “Hyperscale” computing is managing each individual grain of sand in every bag. “Hyperscale” computing (HC) is the processing of data, messages or transactions on a scale orders of magnitude larger than traditional computing.  HC is becoming […]

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Internet of Things: Hype or Hope?

An LG Smart Refrigerator.  Photo by David Berkowitz, CC license IoT is, as a breakthrough technology, not that exciting, but it does have some practical possibilities. The Internet of Things describes a network connected to physical objects.  These objects are either passive (another device must be used to detect them) or active (the object is […]


Software Choices Are More Confusing Today

Image: all of the two- and four-door model cars offered by Dodge in 1974 (excludes station wagons), by John Lloyd, CC license. It used to be that if you wanted a certain type of software application, you would identify the 2 or 3 companies that specialized in what you needed. That specialization still exists today, […]

Elliott Computer

Are Your Apps Too Hard to Use?

Photo: control panel of a British-made Elliott computer, circa 1960, Creative Commons license. You’ve heard the complaints: systems are too clunky, slow, have too many steps, take too long to execute transactions. The dialogue plays out probably hundreds of times a day in offices throughout the world: users complain about to-hard-to-use systems and their IT […]


Cloud Computing 101

Image by Aucitron, CC license Cloud computing is being marketed as something new, but it’s not. A cloud is simply a server – a computer you don’t own or maintain – that sits somewhere other than in your building, that you access to run applications or store data. The loan calculators that are ubiquitous on […]

Is Traditional ERP Unnecessary?

In many cases I think traditional ERP is becoming more and more unnecessary. I don’t mean that the concept of ERP is become unnecessary, just the traditional ERP on the traditional platform as we have known it for the past 15 years. In the future I imagine the following trends will bring about this prediction: […]